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Title: Angle plate repair
Post by: steamer on July 28, 2012, 02:24:59 AM
Hi All,

I bought this from a UK based tooling house as it was just the ticket for some work I want to do on my Wallaby

It was advertised as precision you know I've been wielding a scraper as of late so I decided to see just how precise it was

As received
So I did a mark up on my surface plate and got this.....

YUCK!......OK got the carbide blade out and started in on it.
After a couple of cycles...
Notice the low area on the left's still there... but the bearing is improving
20 or so cycles after that....and I was leaning on the scraper

At which point I called it good....I took about .005 off!   
I checked squareness now and found it was pretty good!....but I have to chaulk that up to luck!

I took the issue up with the vendor, and he sent me another of I'll check it out...and probably offer it for sale...don't really need 2