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Title: Thread roller
Post by: Dan Rowe on April 06, 2014, 08:27:47 PM
I found a cheep M1.6 thread roller on ebay so I decided to give it a go. (

It took a while to get here but free shipping so no complaints. I have never had a thread roller to examine but I thought that the rolls were free to rotate. This is not the case on this unit and I think it is a fixed roller type. Anyway the chart says to use a 1.37mm wire to roll a 1.6mm thread. I found a paper clip about the correct size .050" which is a tad small but it rolled a fairly nice thread and fit 1.6 mm nuts I have from Scale Hardware.

I then put a piece of 1/16" square rod in a collet and cut it down to 1.37mm OD.

I used a pointed rod to support the end the end of the roller and turned it by hand.

Here is the thread roller and a couple of threaded paper clips and the 1/16" grub screws I made.

Now if you happen to break off the thread while rolling the whole thing can be disassembled to remove the broken section. To reassemble simply stack the parts on a flat plate and put the housing on with the tapered section down. The backing plate and the three screws and it is back in operation. A standard thread is included to check the assembly.

The seller also has a few other sizes and I ordered the smallest one which is a M1.4.

I used a bit of molly grease to lube the operation and I found it much easier than using a tiny cutting die as I have a bad habit of breaking the stock in the die and then it can be very frustrating to get the broken section removed. I have wrecked dies, tools and my temper with tiny cutting dies.