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From Kits/Castings / Re: Marcher, a twin cylinder marine steam engine
« Last post by Moxis on Today at 08:34:07 AM »
Thanks kvom, that is a good information I have to keep that in mind. So that absolute accuracy is not necessary, good!

About dimensioning.  All the measurements on the drawing are naturally imperial. But we are living in a metric country, and all my tools like drill bits, taps and dies, reamers etc. are metric, so I have to slightly adjust the dimensioning. This means for example that 5BA threads will be made M3, 8BA M2 and so on. I hope this does not bring unsolved difficulties later on. The dimensions of parts can easily be converted into metric, calculator has been invented.

Enclosed are photos of the main drawing of Marcher and castings which are included into the package.

Chatterbox / Re: any members in the leicestershire area
« Last post by the engineer on Today at 07:10:56 AM »
 many thanks for all who looked parcel containing mastiff engine now sorted and soon to be on its way to new zealand thanks to a kind person from lincolnshire :cartwheel: :whoohoo:
 kind regards john
Hints, Tips & Tricks / Re: Holding small bits in the milling machine
« Last post by Thor on Today at 07:07:25 AM »
That's a smart solution, I use an ER-16 chuck to hold small drills and for workholding an ER-32 collet block and the collets I use on my milling machine. I also use the ER-32 collets for workholding on my lathe, they are vesatile.

Your Own Design / Re: Maudslay Marine Engine
« Last post by 10KPete on Today at 04:22:41 AM »
Hmmmm, so now we get to watch the really interesting part of this engine!! :paranoia:

 :popcorn: :popcorn:

Your Own Design / Re: Maudslay Marine Engine
« Last post by cfellows on Today at 03:31:45 AM »
Well, the new valve body with o-rings is a total failure.   I think I need to increase the dimensions of the reversing valve or come up with a new reversing mechanism. 
Chatterbox / Re: Experimenting with a pulse generator for ignition coil
« Last post by Doc on Today at 03:28:35 AM »
One last video of the Six Cycle engine running with the pulse unit. I put a lighter spring on the gov to slow her down. It will now be put back on the shelve for now.

Looks fine for me.

I can also see the drawings from the initial two links.
I have to admit...I don't think I checked last time.

I think you're good to go.
Ok, I've redone that URL again and I've check that post from 2 different computers using 2 different accounts.  It works for me now. 

If possible, could you please try it one more time?

Sorry for this mess!


"Fly cutting column to required thickness and to get a good finish."
After this I still have a " minus " sign. Everthing esle shows. 
I see all now.  ;D

Sorry for all the issues from me on this!

No worries. We've all been there. And I've returned a few times.
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