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From Plans / Re: GDB Inline 4 Cylinder OHV I.C.
« Last post by b.lindsey on Today at 08:28:25 PM »
Good start on the block Bob. I will be here for the duration, no matter how long it takes :)

From Plans / Re: AOGís version of the Elmerís number 33 mill engine
« Last post by AOG on Today at 08:24:55 PM »
I got a lot done this week so letís get started. First up was the steam chest. After squaring up the blank, I put the part in the four jaw and turned one end round.

Then the part was flipped, turned and the other end rounded over using a round over end mill as a form tool.

The part was then drilled halfway tapping size for the gland nut.

Then it was over to the mill where I drilled the four mounting holes.  I tried to chain drill the interior but I stuffed it up. The holes were to close together and the drill wandered.

Thankful I was able to clean it up with an end mill.

The part was rotated and the intake was drilled and tapped.

At that point I realized that I forgot to drill the valve spindle hole into the far side of the valve chest. I took care of my omission and tapped the valve chest for the gland nut.

Next up were the valve cover and valve plate. They were made together. I superglued the two blanks together and squared them up. Next I drill the four mounting holes.

I separated the parts with my butane torch and drilled the holes in the valve plate.

The last piece I made this weekend was the valve itself. The part was made on the parent stock. I took the end to width and milled the pocket.

Then the stock was flipped and I milled in the channels for the valve rod and nut.

The part was then cut from the parent stock and brought to length.

Thatís it for this week. Till next time.


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We are good on the pictures now .  :ThumbsUp:
From Plans / Re: GDB Inline 4 Cylinder OHV I.C.
« Last post by 90LX_Notch on Today at 07:31:21 PM »
More pics
From Plans / GDB Inline 4 Cylinder OHV I.C.
« Last post by 90LX_Notch on Today at 07:28:54 PM »
My next build has begun.  It is George Britnell's Inline Four Cylinder Over Head Valve Internal combustion engine. 

This will be a long term build due to work and kid related activities.  If updates are sparse please inquire with a post.  It helps me to find shop time knowing that someone is following along.

Engine Block:

The block is 6061 Aluminum and was first squared.

Somehow the pictures of the more difficult side are not on the camera.  I was stumped for awhile as how to get the .062 radius that is called for at the bottom corners and transitions.  My .125 ball endmill did not have the required length of cut.  I finally realized that if I angled the mill's head at 45 degrees I could machine and blend the required radii. 

Fortunately, I do have the pictures for the easier side.  I scribed the necessary lines and began to whittle away at the block.  Once the required angle was roughed, the engine block was transfered to a fixture plate that allows it to be set for angles in the mill's vice.  This particular angle fixture design came from one of the contributors of the "Shop Made Tools" thread at  Home Shop Machinist.  Once the angle was set the the block was indicated and clamped to the fixture with c-clamps. 

Once both sides were machined I started to do some hand blending with sandpaper and stones.  I still to do more blending but will hold off until the engine block is completed.

Chatterbox / Re: Piston Material .........
« Last post by mikehinz on Today at 06:15:16 PM »
Galland, those are beautiful engines!  Your work is superb!

May I ask exactly which 'high-performance plastic' you used for your pistons?  I'm experimenting now and any input is helpful. 

Thanks in advance.

Chatterbox / Re: Piston Material .........
« Last post by Ye-Ole Steam Dude on Today at 05:59:18 PM »

I turned the final 1" diameter from oversized bar. I happen to use standard TPG321/322 inserts for most everything.
I'm sure HSS tool bit would work just as good. Probably ran around 600 RPM and a couple thou feed rate.

Thanks Brian for the info.

Have a great day,
From Kits/Castings / Re: Peanuts, Popcorn,,Cracker Jacks
« Last post by Dave Otto on Today at 05:54:48 PM »
Bill, I bought the Shop Cleanliness video series put out by Dave Otto  :lolb:


 :lolb: :lolb:
It sure would be nice to have all the space though. Nice digs Eric!

From Plans / Re: Zee Needs Popcorn
« Last post by zeeprogrammer on Today at 05:39:59 PM »
For working on the crosshead guide, a fixed follower is needed.
I've used one once back when I had a mini-lathe.

On first go, fairly deep grooves were cutting into the stock. Pretty ugly.
I did some very light filing on the holders (not sure that's 'allowed') and things improved tremendously.
However, there is still a pretty good groove on one side.

Am I going about this right? More filing until I get a somewhat smooth mark?
Other suggestions to improve this?

I should expect some marking since I'm turning aluminum and I believe the holders(?) are harder.
I supposed too that facing/drilling pushes the part harder against one or two of the holders and would deepen the markings.
(In fact, I think that's what happened. I first ran the lathe to see if the marking had improved, which it had, then faced/drilled and saw the marking degrade.)

I'm just not sure what to expect.

BTW The general process is:
1) Set fixed steady
2) Face/center drill
3) Remove fixed steady and use live center to bring OD to diameter
4) Set fixed steady and drill/bore

It's this last step that worries me. Seems the finish will be ruined.
Granted, the OD is not critical and I can sand to smoothness...but still, I'd like to minimize the damage.

Chatterbox / Re: Piston Material .........
« Last post by toolznthings on Today at 05:10:51 PM »
Really nice looking engines ! Thanks for sharing.  :ThumbsUp:
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