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Tooling & Machines / Re: Another Milling machine?
« Last post by Jasonb on Today at 01:17:37 PM »
I could sort you out with an ex demo SX2.7 fully tooled up in a year or so if you can wait that long. Can't think why I would want more than the X3 that I have already :LittleDevil:

Someone came up with a very good quote on ME forum " It's not what is in your workshop that is important, it's the finished items that come out of it"  :embarassed:
My Workshop / Re: Currin's Travelling Sherline Show
« Last post by paul gough on Today at 01:05:13 PM »
Thanks MJM, I was not aware Ausee would have any holders that would screw onto a Sherline spindle, I'll check them out. Regards, Paul Gough.
Tooling & Machines / Re: Another Milling machine?
« Last post by Vixen on Today at 01:03:06 PM »
What about the Emco F1 CNC that you were so interested in a few months ago?

Mike :mischief: :mischief: :mischief:
Chatterbox / Re: Steel on Steel Moving surfaces
« Last post by paul gough on Today at 12:48:43 PM »
Kim, if you think it necessary to harden the pins, consider first which is the easier part to replace, the bush or the pin, it might be just as effective to make the bush harder and the pin somewhat sacrificial. Pins are usually very easy to replace and stock sizes can often be utilised to obviate any machining. Regards, Paul Gough.
Tooling & Machines / Another Milling machine?
« Last post by Jo on Today at 12:43:19 PM »
I have been wondering how many milling machines is too many  :naughty:  :-X

My supplier keeps trying to tempt me with his cute Schaublin Milling machine  :thinking: its that or maybe find a big brother to Sexy  :mischief: Not too big just a little bigger  :embarassed:

But I will have to sell some stuff to make space  :'(


Chatterbox / Re: Steel on Steel Moving surfaces
« Last post by b.lindsey on Today at 12:36:17 PM »
Kim, in this application I think the lubrication is the key and more critical than material choice. As you say the total number of cycles will be small, unlike a piston and cylinder.

Chatterbox / Re: Steel on Steel Moving surfaces
« Last post by Walsheng on Today at 12:30:25 PM »
We use steel on steel all the time in injection molds and some molds I have made have many millions of cycles.  Some of the parts have a lot of movement, like cam slides and even knock out pins.
You can/should not use the same material but we have used the same material in some cases but a different hardness.
Case hardened on full hardened works well also.

From Kits/Castings / Re: Atkinson Differential Engine
« Last post by GordonL on Today at 12:27:06 PM »
Are castings available for this engine? I have the Gingery book but did not want to get into the casting shown in the book. I did a search for David Perreault but did not turn up anything on casting kits available. Any links to the kit?
From Kits/Castings / Re: Flyboy Jim's Parsell & Weed Engine
« Last post by b.lindsey on Today at 11:47:09 AM »
Well done Jim!!  I wish they had left a little more casting stock on that rocker arm though, there isn't a lot of material left out there at the tip of it. Was the same on mine.

Chatterbox / Re: Steel on Steel Moving surfaces
« Last post by Florian Eberhard on Today at 11:43:18 AM »
Hi Kim
If you use free machining steel for the Pins together with some steel which gives you good finish when reaming it should last for quite long - at least if you lubricate those joints from time to time.

Why free machining steel? Because they are made to have good Chip control and to keep Tool wear low if poasible. So for example those Grades that contain lead will have some kind of "dry lubrication" because of the lead.

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