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Shows / Re: Bristol Show 17th-19th Aug
« Last post by Jasonb on Today at 11:39:04 AM »
I was going to decide nearer the time but if there is going to be a boot full of castings may go on the Friday rather than the Saturday that looked more likely. There is nothing like a dodgy deal in a carpark ;)
The combined depth of the slots is generally equal to the width so a square section key will fit.

For what you are doing and to make it easier to plane it out on the lathe 3/32" would be a reasonable width, if you want to put a head on it to look like a gib head key the 4 x 2.5 is a standard size keysteel.
Shows / Re: Bristol Show 17th-19th Aug
« Last post by Graham Meek on Today at 10:47:13 AM »
I too am hoping to go, but it may be on Saturday.

My best regards
Shows / Re: Bristol Show 17th-19th Aug
« Last post by Jo on Today at 10:38:01 AM »
 8) It will be nice to see you Andy.

Any chance of bringing some castings down with you from our friend :embarassed:

Shows / Re: Bristol Show 17th-19th Aug
« Last post by Chipmaster on Today at 10:32:11 AM »
Morning Jo,

I'll also be there on Friday 17th.

Cheers Gary  :)

After a bit of a break from building these engines to soak up the UK sunshine I now want to resume building, I've decided to fabricate a crankshaft rather than turn from solid as I had initially intended.

So before continuing it's question time - I'd like the no4 engine to be reasonably robust with the possibility of powering a pump when running on steam so I want to secure the flywheel with a keyway. I don't have a broaching kit so I'm going to try with a parting tool in the lathe to cut the flywheel slot and mill the slot in the crankshaft.

I've never cut a keyway before so can anyone offer a few guidelines as to the width and depth of the slots? My crankshaft is 12mm dia and the flywheel will be about 4.5" dia x 1" wide.  Do the slots usually have a square profile (the same depth and width) ? Should the 2 slots be of the same depth ?

Many thanks  :)
Shows / Bristol Show 17th-19th Aug
« Last post by Jo on Today at 09:23:11 AM »
I am wondering how many of us are planning to go to the Bristol Show this year.

I am planning to go on the Friday and will be taking along a couple of engines to exhibit on the ICEBG table, the rest of the ICEBG boys are staying all three days  ;)

Please come over and say hello. I would offer to bring along some edible goodies but based on past performance of the Sticky Wotsit scoff rate I doubt there will be any left by the time the show opens  :ShakeHead:

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from West Wiltshire
« Last post by Roger B on Today at 08:29:48 AM »
Welcome to the Forum from an ex swede basher (Swindon to Switzerland)  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:
From Kits/Castings / Re: The McOnie Oscillating Engine
« Last post by Dunstaneloi on Today at 08:18:52 AM »
Hi All. Thanks for all the kind and helpful replies. This sort of support is so valuable in an increasingly venal world where people are out for all they can get from you. I had the same support when building my 'Terrier' from a gentleman who became a great email friend, and who I met twice at ME Exhibitions, long may it last, he gave me aa lot of confidence.
From Plans / Re: Zee Needs Popcorn
« Last post by Jasonb on Today at 07:17:56 AM »
Well at least you should be able to work to a better accuracy than +/- 1/8" now :LittleDevil:

You hurt me. You hurt me bad.

Zee, I thought I was being kind to you by rounding the 0.130" DRO error down to 1/8" :LittleDevil:
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