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Tiny engine ignition
« on: November 18, 2019, 08:58:08 PM »
Was playing with my Tiny engines I built some time back. I had an ignition box I used from engine to engine. Well I decided to put dedicated ignition systems on them and I thought whill I have them apart I would show my set up for the hall sensor. I didn't want a spark on every revolution so I had made up an adjustable spark hub (thats what I call it anyway) It is basically a gear with the hub can move in it so I can adjust the timing by loosening a screw and rotating the hub in the gear. It has worked very good to be able to hunt down the sweet spot on the ignition timing.Well anyway I tried to take some halfway decent pictures to show it. The first one is a shot of the pieces involved. Number 5 shows a stud that I installed in the main body to mount the hub on. Number 7 shows it installed minus the locking screw and brass washer. I was planning on 3 but found 1 screw is sufficient in holding the gear in place on the hub in the right orientation. Was just thinking that some one might find this useful