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Re: The Dickson!
« Reply #105 on: October 24, 2019, 05:09:18 PM »
Progress on the Dickson. Making the Foot. The casting was machined on top and bottom
to get reference surfaces for later steps. There is an ofset both on top and bottom.
By the way, issue 3 mentioned in my previous post is not nearly as bad as I thought,
I misread the prints not realizing there was a step on the top side.

Today I'm making the foot. The casting cleaned up with .406 for the bottom step, a bit
more than the prints, but now it's .406. I leave about .003 for the JB weld joint, so
the foot will be .403 high.

First I prepared stock and set up in the CNC to cut the curves. Just easier than setting
up the rotary  table.

Next, I cut the slots in for bolt clearance.

Finally, I made the bolt pattern.

The completed part. It will be JB Welded to the casting at assembly to insure good  bolt
alignment with the columns.

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