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How would you do this, Beading on Lady Stephanie side panel

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I'm currently revisiting Lady Stephanie a Beam engine I built 8 years ago when I was a bit of a novice and found some of it a bit to challenging and didn't complete it as per drawings. But you can't forget you should have done more. so I am building another one starting with all the missed parts.
The current challenge is the 1/16 Beading on the side panels which has little quadrants in the corners with a 4mm radius, I have managed to make the parts but assembling them accurately is proving tricky. I feel I had a good idea for making the quadrants by using the lathe by hand to make a miniature ring roller.
Here are some pics. and one of a completed model that was for sale.

Thats a tough one. I'd probably have made wood panels and carved the beads in.

Once you had the rings bent, how did you flatten one side?

Maybe Geoff is using a half round brass profile. 



The plans call for half round brass as well, but still a tricky task. Conversely the beading could be recessed instead of raised using a small ball end mill, not the same but a similar effect.


Captain Jerry:
Here is my idea.  Sticking with the imperial scale, I make the outside of the ring to have a 7/16" dia. so I would start with a 7/16" rod in the lathe and drill a 5/16" hole in the end (inner diameter).   Using form tool, I would radius the outer and inner surface to give me a half round ring on the rod end.  You could also do it with a file and or a graver if you have a good eye.  Part it off and you have a half round ring.  Be cause of the way the mitre has to be cut, you will need 2 rings for each face. for a total of eight rings

To cut the mitre accurately, I would glue all of the rings on to a scrap of aluminum, using a straight edge to line them up. A few careful passes down each side of the row of rings with an end mill taking a total of 1/16" of the outer diameter and you will wind up with 16 pieces of ring, properly mitered to joint with a 45 degree mitre on the ends of the straight pieces.

Easy Peasy.

I did exactly this same thing about thirty years ago on a mahogany box for my daughter only the molding was bead and cove and the radius was about 1.5" so I had to cut the circles on the face plate.   I know it sounds wrong that the two faces of the 1/4 circle ring should be cut parallel but that is what it takes.  If I was on my other computer, I would draw it up for you. 



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