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Monitored Steam Plant (MSM Boiler + S50/V10)


Although it has taken me 8 months to get to this point I'm hopeful of getting the first phase of this steam plant completed over the next few months so thought I would start a build thread.  The project  is to demonstrate how we can embrace technologies and take what was the first industrial revolution and overlay current technology to not so much replace however show how technology can enhance older generation equipment/operations.

That being said I hope to automate the steam plant in terms of controlling speed, generator output (yet to be built) and display plant efficiencies on a small 5" LCD screen.  At the moment I have some simple environment data being displayed so I can progress the design before I get steaming :)

The design includes

1/  Certified boiler so I can run in public...
2/  Stuart S50 (which is a work in progress
3/  raspberrypi&5"touchscreen
4/  local control panel to control the S50
5/  Condensate trap (yet to be built)

Phase II
 - Room for a Stuart V10 and Boiler feed pump along side the boiler
 -  Water tank (going behind the boiler)

Phase III (2020 project)
 - Machine shop built as a separate module on the side of the steam plant.  (I am liking the PM research models for this)

Steam Plant

The screen is only showing environment data at the moment for a proof of concept.  I have a number of sensors to be installed, thermocouple, speed,pressure and power from the generator (yet to be installed on the board

I plan on a small control panel to start/stop the S50 and adjust the speed.  For starting I was going to "power" the generator i.e. motor, to kick it over and then revert to generator.

Since the Rasberry PI + display isn't exactly a time wise match with the rest, I'm guessing that you will put on sensors to ensure live display instead of the static one shown on the LCD, in order to create more interest form the young ones ? :old:
Not a bad idea  :thinking:

In terms of control & monitoring on the display,  I have a current/voltage sensor for the generator, speed sensor, thermocouple and pressure sensor ready to install...  a small servo will control the steam inlet valve to the engine and hope to control the speed with feedforward steam pressure compensation into the control loop.

That's really nice looking!  It will make a very engaging display for sure!

A project that I will follow with great interest.

up to now I didn't succeeded to record the pressure to volume relationship from a little steam engine,  the pressure sensor is a MPX2200, being a total beginner in electronics.


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