Author Topic: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project  (Read 46264 times)

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Re: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project
« Reply #390 on: December 22, 2019, 01:32:39 AM »
its been a great build and I've enjoyed it very much....maybe we can hope for some poor flying weather so we can see some more installments :)

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Re: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project
« Reply #391 on: December 22, 2019, 09:22:04 AM »
Hi Tug, It's good to see you back!

It's a shame we couldn't meet at Forncett but if the rain around your area was anything like the wall of water I drove into near Thetford on the way from Cambridge then I can understand you staying at home.

I'm particularly glad to see you active on this thread again as I'm sure I'm going to need advice on what to do with the pile of bits on my workbench right now:

I'll start a new build thread for this lot soon, right now we're away from home until after Christmas.

All the best for Christmas and for 2020 to you and everyone on MEM


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Re: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project
« Reply #392 on: December 22, 2019, 04:12:56 PM »
Hey Tug

Please share the link to the YouTube video of you flying one of your planes, I would love to see it.  ;)


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Re: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project
« Reply #393 on: December 22, 2019, 06:20:18 PM »
I'm so glad to hear that you really enjoyed flying again  :whoohoo:

So one can say that the friend who asked you to fly his plane / engine  :noidea: (my bad memory) some weeks before John and I visited Sue and you, had a positive influence on your desire to "be a part of the circle again", so to speak  :cheers:

One can also argue that with all the nice work you already has put into this engine, it would be a bit of a shame if you didn't complete it - so it is also nice to hear that you feel like continue the build here again  :)

Best wishes and a nice Xmas + please great Sue too.


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Re: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project
« Reply #394 on: December 23, 2019, 09:50:25 AM »
Morning guys - thanks for taking the time to respond - good to hear from you  :)

I can't say I'm 'back' exactly though it's nice to hear you think I might be  ;) - No, it's just an update on where things stand at present but I do intend to get back on the Corliss asap this coming year

David - glad to see you made it home safely with your set - did that all go as hand baggage  :Lol: Given that super outcome with the Mastiff I don't think you'll need too much advice - I'll look forward to you starting yours in due course. Sorry we missed you but we made our minds not to attend Forncett on the Friday due to the weather warning. We have had to have our car extricated from the mud there before so prudence came before valour. Phoning Bill to explain our apologies we worked out I'd missed three in twenty seven events so felt a break could justifiably taken without loss of conscience  ;)

Dave - I don't have any videos and next years flying seems a way off - I can show you though what has just returned to the fold so to speak.....

I built this about twenty years ago - it's a 56" wingspan Bob Palmer designed Thunderbird Mk2. It was built from a plan from scratch. Powered by a Super Tigre G21/46 7cc glow motor and tissue covered. It is a fine flying model and was the last model I flew in competition. This pic was taken just before I sold it just over a year ago.

I built this one, again from a plan, around 2010. I never flew this one and though I never regretted selling them I found myself wishing I had done. Little did I know that wish would be granted. It's a slightly smaller model powered by an OS35S glow motor and again tissue covered. I sold this in 2015 (and the one above) to a friend from Holland - Gerben.

As said - quite out of the blue these models are now back in their hangar thanks to Gerben's incredible generosity and kindness.  When I told him I was flying again and intended to make another Pinnacle he immediately said he would return this one. On arrival the Thunderbird was in his car too :o. Both as pristine as when they left I am really looking forwards to flying these models next year - the conditions have just not been right since receiving them. Needless to say I am still overwhelmed by Gerbens considerate action.

And so Per - you are so right - thanks to the friendship of others I have found myself doing something that I have always loved but had thought was truly dead. Just goes to show one should 'never say never'  ::) You are also right in that far too much has been put into the Corliss to let it languish so maybe this will be my New Years resolution ;)

So, on that note, the images above are to be the last - of a none Corliss nature - on this thread. Hopefully the next will be far more topical

Regards to all who have looked in afresh and my thanks for those replying - may you all have a great Xmas break

 Back in the New Year - Ol Tug
"I ain't here for the long time but I am here for a good time"
(a very apt phrase - thanks to a well meaning MEM friend)

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Re: Tug's Corliss Tandem Compound Project
« Reply #395 on: December 23, 2019, 01:37:40 PM »
Nice looking models. I can see why you're happy to have them back in your life. I flew some control line back in my youth.

I always enjoy these little side tips once in a while in build threads.  :)

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