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Re: 1909 Mercedes Aero Engine
« Reply #255 on: August 19, 2019, 02:59:03 AM »
Sorry to be jumping in here late but like Steve, I have some to add to the V12 Liberty engine. I'll throw some photos in, then talk.

This Photo was as Lou had the Garwood 33-50 in 2017 at the NAMES show.

These two photos were as he had the engine in 2013 at the NAMES show. At this time I remember talking with him and the struggles he had trying to accurately build this engine to scale. As I recall he resorted to using molded plastic for the outer water jacket because scaling it in metal left the wall thickness in the area of thousands of an inch. And as I recall the cam covers are very similar and are also molded in plastic. It is 1/6 scale and not meant to run, but the detail is phenomenal.
So are you going to model the Peerless engine or just make a new pair of pistons. :mischief:
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Re: 1909 Mercedes Aero Engine
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These clips are one of the smallest connectors I have seen:

Making your own versions should not be much of a problem however the pushrods may be  :headscratch:
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Re: 1909 Mercedes Aero Engine
« Reply #257 on: August 21, 2019, 08:58:54 PM »

Sorry for not replying earlier. I have been building my new winter cabin this summer and it took the overhand

Yes, I have glow ignition on my engine for now. My rational is to get it running well and then potentially put spark ignition in as a challenge. It is really tight to fit.

And actually - I have a runner !!

I made my first attempt on uploading a youtube video. Of course I had the camera 90 deg wrong when filming, I guess I am not an expert. Also never been on facebook or similar so I hope I did things right on the upload.

The link to my first really sucessful run is on the link below

I have found my engine is less sensetive then I thought wrt the mixture settings, I can get it to idle well and accelerate fairly ok without much trouble with my carb. I have found however that it is more sensetive to varying compression being cold/warm than I was expecting.

I have been trying out my cast iron rings and also viton o-rings. I also forgot how many times I have looked for leaks in the valves..when I accidentily mixed the valves (dropping the box on the floor after grinding them to the seats)  I never have been able to get them to seal perfectly

Anyway, it runs :)  and with your excellent build it won't be long until yours are up and running as well!

Thank you


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Re: 1909 Mercedes Aero Engine
« Reply #258 on: August 21, 2019, 09:54:57 PM »
Well done Lars! Magnificent! I only hope mine goes as well!

Thanks for the wonderful pictures, Art. That engine really is a work of art in itself. There are some people out there who have the most unbelievable skills and I can only say that I am pleased that I have enough knowledge to understand how good it is. The aero engine in the background looks intriguing too!

I shall make two new pistons for the Peerless engine and then rebuild the whole thing along with the rest of the truck. That will keep me out of mischief for a few years whilst I contemplate the project after that, whatever it may be.

Thanks for the link Roger. I could probably file out something like that. Some experimentation is required, I think.

Steve  :)