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Mini Engine Show
« on: April 11, 2019, 12:03:13 AM »
My friends Max and Wayne along with myself, took some of our engines to the monthly antique tool collectors meeting last Monday evening.
I took my Pacific Vapor Engine, Max took his Otto & Langen, Red Devil and Forest; the Forest is a work in progress. Wayne brought his Howell V2 and Howell Farm Boy. We were able to run four of the six engines; Wayne's V2 had some issues. The engines were very well received and enjoyed by the club members, sorry I didn't take any photos. It has been awhile ago but I also did a presentation with my hot air fans at one of the tool club meetings.

I was just wondering if anyone else shows their models at non model engine shows? I know the antique engine shows are a good place for models and about the only other place locally that we show our models.