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You buy a job lot like this one. I saw this come up very late the other night on Homeworkshop.org.uk and I sent an email straight away. I phoned at 8.00 am and was first in the queue that afternoon, and the seller later said that the phone hadn't stopped ringing all day!
What do we have here?  A Stuart Sirius from WWII, Stuart Sun, marinised Stuart Double 10 with a pumped condenser, another double vertical engine, unused fabulous vertical boiler - gas or coal fired, three steam driven boiler feed pumps, valves, connectors etc. etc...
I'll certainly be kept busy restoring this lot!
Happy bunny :cheers:

20190306_173617 by inkaboat, on Flickr

20190306_173718 by inkaboat, on Flickr

Nice find  :whoohoo:

But why do they need restoration - I can't see any problems beside minor surface oxidation   :noidea:

Great score John. Hope the price was right too :)


steam guy willy:
hi John ....wow....envious ..... I am quite busy just looking at them...beats my car boot finds !!! :ThumbsUp:




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