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Re: SNOW !!
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2015 we had 7 feet of snow over a 3 week period.
And you didn't move somewhere else?   :insane:

Says the guy from Rochester   lmao!
We DO get lots of snow here in Rochester, records are up in the 160 inch range for a year (more common is 75 to 100), but we never have that much on the ground at once! Worst we usually get is about 3 feet in a blizzard with lake-effect snow off Ontario or Erie, but even that is not common. Difference here is that it does not hang around long, most of the winter we alternate several days of cold with several just above freezing, so a lot of it melts off again. Most of the time we only have up to a foot or so on the ground - nothing like Minnesota or up in the mountains, where they need doors on the upper floors of the houses! That storm in 78, others like it every decade or so, can dump a lot here but nothing like that picture of the truck!