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Live steam assistance please

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I have a G gauge or possibly a 1.32 gauge Live steam Black 5 loco, it looks a bit rough at the moment with a missing pressure valve burner unit & pressure gauge. I know very little about steam locos, its last owner is no longer with us, so any information on this model loco would be helpful. I would like to purchase the missing LMS transfers and numbers for the cab, I can find these for the 5 and the 3.5 gauge but not for this gauge, and does any one point me in the right direction please??

I still cant find transfers for this loco, they are not stocked or out of stock, if any one can give me a lead on a supplier, they would make me a happy bunny!!

Have you tried this company they do all scales. https://fox-transfers.co.uk/

Thank you I will try them now,


thank you michaelr, I have a set on the way, they are not cheap, but they have them!


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