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Lincoln Cross Compound Mill Engine

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Sounds like another fun ride!  You'll all have to scoot over and make room for me too :)  :popcorn:

Roger B:
Glad you are under way again  :) Is that the table from the previous plan?

Thanks guys.

It's good to be back in the saddle.

Roger, you've got a keen eye. Yes, that's the ange iron table that was going to be part of the colliery. I cut six inches off of it to suit the new diorama format. Phoenix rose from the ashes,

The top of all ll industrial windows seem to be either arched or rounded , I would think strength to be the determining factor.

To obtain a nice smooth arch over the window openings I drilled a pivot hole in a flat plastic bar and fastened it to a trim router.  The radius was four inches.


I have a set of castings stashed away for this engine as well.
Do you need any of the drawings or the build articles, I have them all as PDF files.



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