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Base Plate for Rotary Table


So I got  this small tilting rotary table. The problem with it was to secure it to the table. I got it for a good price at it was new but needed some repairs.
While it was undergoing the Kerosene overhaul, I taped some M6 holes into the base where there was material to do so.
Then found a scrap piece of Ali plate, matched the 4 M6 holes. Then put some 8mm holes approximately in the plate. Set up the tilting head so I could hold it in the vice running true to the run of the mill table. Attached the adaptor plate to the bottom of the rotary table. Milled around the outside just to make the sides parallel . Then used the same milling cutter to cut the holes for the mounting T bolts at 80mm centres to suite my Table. I used an 11mm end mill and have 10mm T bolts. Now I can indicate any of the 4 side and the run of the tilting table will be correct.

The picture shows the cutter above the last hole to be opened up.

Yes I have removable ply wood sides to try and keep the junk contained on the mill.
They really do sling chips and stuff everywhere.

'Snap' Neil - I was only just looking at mine this morning and thinking I have to move it through 90 degrees on it's ali mounting plate  :D to use on these engines.

I have my trusty old home made 6 inch RT but that can only be mounted vertically using an angle plate and only then on the R/H side of the table - these little 4 inch tables are very useful.


I did a similar adapt for my 4" table on the "the bay" finds these items to be so near and dear, ...

The Sherline table is a great RT...


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