Author Topic: You Can Never Have Too Many Power Sockets  (Read 441 times)

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You Can Never Have Too Many Power Sockets
« on: February 08, 2019, 05:50:17 PM »
I have 16 double 13 amp outlets in the workshop, 1 x 32 amp 3 phase, 2 x 16 amp 3 phase, 1 x 16 amp single phase.  You would think it was more than enough. (plus the 15 x double 13 amp sockets in office)

Trouble is Myford S7 runs of the 16 amp single phase via a plug plug and it is on a different phase to the ring-main round the workshop.  I did not want to have to plug the DRO and other accessories for the Myford into the workshop ring-main due to the outside possibility of 440v across the machine should something go wrong.

Solution.  Fit a Rotary Isolator to the lathe on incoming supply from Blue Plug.  From the isolator take feed to the VFD for lathe motor and second feed for 2 x double 13 amp sockets.  One fitted on side of lathe cabinet for the DRO and light (when fitted) and one in the cabinet knee space for the suds pump (when installed) and the toolpost grinder (when or if it ever gets used.  No trailing cables to trip over.  Rotary Isoator so easy to get to it can be used as Emergency Switch.  The VFD acts as an NVR switch.

All in all a bit safer and easier to use.

Another job crossed of the list.