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A very good friend of mine has just started building his No 1 Stuart. To attempt to encourage him to continue with this Surus has suggested that he would like his done at the same time (One doesn't turn down the opportunity of getting at ones castings  ;) ) So lets start with a little history of this engine:

Towards the end of the 1890's Sidney Marmaduke Stuart Turner designed, built and began to market the first of his engines, aptly named the No 1. While we might think of this as a model we really should think of it as a close scale replica of the type of power unit that at that time were used to drive things like water pumps and workshop machinery - with a bore and stroke of 2" and its very sturdy construction it is still capable of doing useful work:

The original engine as designed is simple:

I call it simple as it was originally designed to not have reversing gear but of late there seems to be a trend to fit it with some  ::)

I am not convinced as the engine seems to be designed with that nice strong guide on one side to run in one direction only. So my plan is to not fit reversing gear to mine. (I have the drawings for it should I feel the need )

Lets move on to the history of the first of these engines... Three years ago my good friend Eric had a set of castings for this engine with the reversing gear... he kept wafting them under my nose  :ShakeHead: but at 325 I was immune to temptation so to spite me he sold them to Norman   :wallbang:  This was actually not a bad thing as a month later Station road Steam advertised a set for 195 delivered so I promptly let them put them in the post  :ThumbsUp:

In the meantime dear Eric regretted selling his casting set so had to buy another and he was lucky enough to buy an orphaned set for 20   :o  :censored: His is the second No1 that is being build in parallel and I hope to encourage him to contribute photos to this thread but don't expect him to write his up he doesn't find typing on computers very easy any more  :(


P.S. The engine in the first photo belongs to one of our forum members Dave ( Chipswitheverything)  :)

Always liked this engine.   Ill be following along as well!

I didn't get what draws me to the Stuart engines...but your descriptions give part of the reason Jo.  The other part I think is the green paint, dunno why but it makes them look purposeful.

Welcome to the build guys  :)

I have been doing a little more digging: This set of castings dates from before 1978, after that date Stuarts dropped the valve rod support. The drawings that came with it are dated 1975 I also have a later set which is different  :o

So to the castings. By looks of the machining marks these have been started by someone who only had use of a lathe, there are a couple of bits missing which I have found suitable replacements in the orphaned castings box. The outstanding bits of note are the piston which can come out of a piece of 2" CI bar and the crankshaft which will be assembled.

Centres have been put in the rods, the standard might be slightly short (which can be taken up on the sole plate), the connecting rod has been started but lots of metal is still there  :ThumbsUp: The only bit that I question is the big end caps which have had their two sides turned leaving only 13.3mm rather than the 14.3mm width it should be.

I need to do a bit of casting/drawing fondling to decide where there are variations which drawing of each part to follow  :thinking:


Great to see this Jo. Lots of nice details on the design as well and I do like that valve rod support which your earlier set has from the looks of it. Will be following along also.



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