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Fitting a piston for F2C engine

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Hi Rick, I find that if I send the photos to myself by email, I am given optional sizes for the photo, full size or reduced for web.  This seems to work well as an easy way to reduce the photos.  Exact options probably depend on your operating system but worth a try as it is quick and easy.


Rick Doane:
Thanks MJM460.  I was able to fumble through to get this size.  What was interesting with the 4032 piston, is that the lead screw impressions did not become visible up until the piston was lapped.  The end result was a piston/liner fit that was 2-3 times wider than usual and would pump a lot more fuel.  Also, when the battery connector was touched to the glow plug, the engine would "pop" and try to start without moving the piston. 


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