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Tennessee Whiskey:
I think a lot of problems people have with indicating material in a four jaw chuck starts with a not so accurate jaw presetting. If you just kinda eyeball it or use the rings on the chuck or whatever and you put the indicator on it and the hand starts spinning like a cartoon clock, well it gets a lot of folks in a tizzy. I have started measuring the stock closely and either use my scale or calipers in the method shown. Itís cut my time for indicating unbelievably.


Roger B:
I normally roughly set the jaws to the rings or the by amount they protrude. I then align the piece by sight against the bed before I bring the DTI into play. As you say this avoids mad spinning. I can usually get better than 0.5mm by eye this way.

Dan Rowe:
That is why there are concentric rings on the face of the chuck. They only help if the od of the work is symmetrical to all four jaws.

The tip that really improved my 4 jaw chuck work was to make a second key. Then you can adjust a pair of jaws at the same time to half the indicator reading.

Cheers Dan


--- Quote ---The tip that really improved my 4 jaw chuck work was to make a second key
--- End quote ---


I also try to mark the outside center point somehow.

Always work jaws in pairs.   Having a second wrench helps, but always work in pairs



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