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AOGís PMR BLR-1 V2 build

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Back in 2017 I built a steam powered iPhone charger. (,7548.0.html) that used one of these PMR vertical boilers.

I was my first boiler build and while it worked it wasnít pretty. That boiler along with the rest of the steam powered iPhone charger currently live in the center of the conference table in my chief engineerís office as a display piece. I have been wanting a boiler to test my engines on steam so I figured I would give this one a second shot. I also figured that this would make a good stand alone build log. Being the pack rat that I am I saved the tooling from the original build so please refer to that thread for how the tooling was made. Now letís get started. The first thing done was to cut the fire tubes and trim them to length in the lathe.

The tubes were then deburred. Now is where experience comes in. The last time I did this I had problems swaging the tube into the end plates because the lathe operations work hardened the ends of the tubes. To combat that I annealed the tubes.

The tube plates come drilled and mostly formed from PMR. All I had to do was trim up the outside to make them a slip fit in the shell.

The next step was to drill a hole for the relief valve bushing on the top tube plate.

So with that done I spent a couple of hours cleaning up the fire tubes and end plates to get them ready for assembly. Iíll leave you with the first family shot of this build.

Till next time


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Nice Tony. I've got that kit hanging around here somewhere so I will be following along closely.

Nice start btw.


I look forward to seeing how you build goes Tony, I'd like to have a go at making one shortly  :)

Time for The Big Heat soon...  :Mad:


Just a quick update this week. I got all 13 fire tubes swaged into the end plates this weekend. To be honest they look better then last time but I still donít trust them to hold the tubes in. I think I will hard silver solder them in just to be safe.

Of course Murphyís law being what it is, Iím out of propane so no soldering attempted yet.

Till next time


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