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annealing brass sheet

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I have a piece of brass sheet 1.5mm thick  13 x 22cm, I need to anneal it, all I have is a gas blow lamp, how is the best way to go about it. I need to put a big radius for a loco cab roof but it is like a big spring at the moment?? any ideas please.

You don't need to anneal it to put it through a set of rollers to form a single direction curve.


What type of brass is it? The harder brasses such as CZ120 will not bend as easily as as "half hard" brass like CZ108 which is the better brass for any sheet work that required bending and should be easy enough to get to stay in a curve even with gentle hand bending.

You can usually tell the CZ108 as it is a less silvery and when drilled will produce spirals of swarf not fine chips.

Hi Jo, I haven't got any rollers or know anyone who local who does (Mansfield area), I have tried to gently form it by hand but it is like a big spring, that is why i thought of annealing it. I didnt want to attack it with a blow torch as I want it even and not leave parts that have not been treated enough???
if anyone local has some rollers that would be nice.

Annealing any brass will require getting up to a dull red color - one thing that could help is making a little cave out of stacked firebricks to contain the heat and get it to heat evenly, will allow use of a smaller torch than normal - you want it heated fairly evenly, not just one small hot spot at a time. As Jo said, if you can get access to a roll bender that would be the best, would not need to anneal it. Very careful bending over a form can work too, something a bit smaller diameter than the roof shape is best, though it can be hard to find - if you have a bandsaw you can cut a block of wood to bend over by hand.


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