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Craig DeShong:
When you own a live steam, coal burning locomotive; even if you’ve been a bad boy and Santa leaves you a lump of coal for being on his ‘naughty list’, it isn’t really a bad thing. :embarassed:  Possibly one should appear under the tree this year but I figure Santa probably gives some leeway to Seniors. :whoohoo:   

Still, in Santa’s eyes, I must have been an exceptionally good boy this year because shortly before Christmas this casting set arrived from which I can build the Frisco Standard model engine.  Poor Santa and his reindeer; having him haul around castings in his sled, he SHOULD be leaving me coal, :'( certainly glad he didn’t though. :ThumbsUp:

These castings and drawings build a 1/4 scale replica of the 16 HP Frisco Standard and are distributed by Shelf Pet Models out of Oregon.  When I first heard of the company I pondered in regard to the rather peculiar name.  Upon further reflection though it seems to fit my situation fairly well; I suspect it fits others also.  They are on a shelf, and they “sort of” are my pets, and they are models so…..

The casting set builds an exquisite twin vertical cylinder, open crankcase engine with dual side shafts and dual igniters; a photo of someone else's efforts I show you here:

I called Bob Banke of Shelf Pet Models about two weeks ago, asking if he had the model available.  He answered on the second ring and indicated that he had several ready to go and a PayPal payment or a money order in the mail would get one headed my way.  I sent prompt payment and the model arrived yesterday.  USPS had dropped the 30 LB. box about every way possible, but upon inspection, all the castings arrived unharmed. 

With the “kit” you get the castings, some cast iron material for making pistons and cylinder liners, 41 pages of CAD produced drawings and a resource page suggesting where you can get plumbing fittings, oilers, etc.
The following few photos show the “goodies” included in the “kit”.

Jo, you can see that Sirus is really on the ball as he had his “henchmen” ready to pounce on the castings as soon as I vacated the room in which I placed them last night.   They’ve already attempted to claim “fondling” rights, but they have been informed that they can have only “second dibs”.

In this photo I show the cylinder block and base; also the piston and cylinder material.

This photo shows the cylinder heads, valve covers, intake and exhaust manifolds, gears (plastic bag), name plate, and a few other brass castings I have as yet to sort out.

Last but not least these two massive brass flywheels, easily more than the weight of the other castings combined.  These finish to a seven inch diameter.

I’m thinking Christmas will be a good time to review the drawings, fondle examine the castings with respect to the drawings, and prepare to start construction early January- weather permitting.

Sounds like your Xmas day is sorted  8)


Nice looking castings Craig. A lot better looking than a lump of coal for sure!!


Should be an interesting one to build and gives an interesting one to watch running from above with the two ignitors and their associated levers.

Oh  I like that!



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