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Hello all, Now that I have almost completed my Marcher build which is shown elsewhere here, I need a boiler to steam it. Both will be installed into a half open launch about 1.2 metres long. I have thought to use a horizontal boiler about 2,5 or 3" diameter fired with a gas burner. But should I buy a ready made boiler, a kit, or make everything from scratch?
So my question is, are there vendors for this kind of boilers or kits available? Or plans for simple copper boilers? I have rather limited equipment for silver soldering, so it may be that my soldering torch does not have power enough to heat relatively large copper tubes necessary for this kind of boilers.

Hi Moxis,

Making your own boiler is not an easy job if you don't have the correct equipment, there is a company in the U.K. that makes and sells all types of copper Certificated boilers ( ) and I think that they will even make all the boiler bushes metric to suit your requirements ( I have no connection to this company ) but have recommended a few members of Modelboatmayhem to try them out, so have a look.
If you contact them you will find that they try their best to accommodate any special requirements.


Thank you George! For sure I will contact them and ask for a quotation. Because I agree with you that fabrication of a boiler might be beyond my skills and equipment, and it will be more on a safe side just to buy one.

Finally I have got a boiler for my boat/engine. It is a horizontal gas fired 3" diameter boiler made of copper. My intention is to cover the boiler with wooden strips, like most of marine boilers seem to be made. But should I install a cladding of some sort of fabrics or cardboard under the wooden strips to isolate strips from hot copper surface?

I have clad a number of boilers and cylinders with wooden strips held on with stainless steel or copper ties. I have never used anything underneath and the wood is a good insulator in its own right.
Best of luck.


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