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Re: air compressor fittings
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For general thread identification, if you don't have a thread gauge, you can probably find a few UNC,UNF, and metric machine screws at the hardware store or industrial supply to use as makeshift gauges for less than a buck. You can place them up against the thread being checked and tell which is the closest fit. This, along with measuring the OD or ID, as the case may be, will probably give enough clues to figure out what you have. There are definitely some odd threads around, I've seen some that were neither fish nor fowl (not Imperial and not metric and not Whitworth and not BA and not British Cycle .....etc) but most things have threads where adapters and hardware are available to fit.

When really stuck,   :shrug: :help: Make an insert with a known common thread and weld or solder it in.  :naughty: :paranoia: