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Sourcing 3/4 x 26 swg brass tube in UK


Anybody know where I can get a few meters of 3/4 x 26 swg brass tube in UK

Just used my last couple of feet and been searching the internet for ages and only can fund 16 and 20 swg nowadays

Livesteammodels have 18 & 22 SWG ,

M-Machine list 3/4" x 26 SWG but I only have their 2015 list.

Try 'em ...  :ThumbsUp:  EDIT Not any more it seems ....


yes I called them the other day but they seem to have taken it off their stock list

Score, its back on their list at M-machine. called them up and they did not have any, guy went rumaging and miked a piece up that he was not sure about so I just bought his last 8 foot, possibly the last that will ever be made. They definatly dont have any now


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