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In the past I have tended to nurse my carbide inserts way beyond their useful life. At around 20 for 10 they can get expensive. So I had a dig around on Ali Express and found these guys.

My first batch of CCMT060204 certainly seemed to be everything it said on the box so I ordered some more and they arrived today

150 inserts 62 with free shipping. OK they took about 6 weeks to get here but at that price I'm happy to wait. You don't have to order 150 either my first batch was just 20.


Are they genuine, there are quite a few fakes about.

:headscratch: Where are you buying fake carbide tips from JB? I've had some cheap tips from the UK but some decent ones at a bargain price from China.

The best tips remain the expensive names and come in at over 5 a tip like Sumitomo - I am on my second triangular Sumitomo tip on my 6mm boring bar after 20 years of abuse use :)


At the prices they are selling them for it was worth a try, so I purchased my first batch.  Something like US$8 for 20. They did the job so could only assume they are genuine and ordered more.

Heaven knows why I ordered so many CCMT060204 they'll last me forever.


Did not say that I had bought any just that there are some about.

Even my friendly Sumitomo supplier can't be sure if they are genuine or not, there are several reasons they could be cheap. he also says that on his many visits to china he has seen factories with state of the art swiss made machines ( I know you love them) than can produce inserts that have the look but may only be 25% of the quality of the real thing.

As we don't push our home machines at anything like what these inserts would be expected to do on a commercial CNC machine that 25% may well be good enough for us, bit like a fake Rolex which still tells the time and looks good (in some peoples eyes).

The number of years you have had a tool is not an ideal way to say how well it lasts as it is the amount of work done in that time that will affect it not if it sits on a tool rake unused for 12months at a time. This is more of an issue when someone has several machines all with their own sets of QCTP holders and mounted tools where a big tool that only fits one machine that does not get used much will not see the wear that a regularly used tool will.

Remember that chilled piston from the Allman I thought I would use up some Bangood inserts on that, could only get one shallow cut from them before they were blunt, switched to some tips from APC and finished the job with the same bit. Same with that facing head that I posted about earlier, supplied inserts crap but transformed when using Korloy and IG-1.


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