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Hi everyone. I am starting on the journey to build a 1/4 scale model of a Gardner 3F that I previously owned. It is around the same size as the Alyn Foundry 1/2 scale Gardner O. I am looking to buy castings as made by Alyn foundry for their Gardner O. Anything is acceptable from unfinished kit to single pieces even damaged if repairable. Also looking at alternatives casting or fabricating so any info would be gratefully accepted


Good to see you found your way here, hopefully Graham will be along and let you know what may be at the back of his workshop

Should not be too hard to modify an 0 to look like your 3F

Thanks Jason. I have been in touch with Graham. I'm hoping the engine museum might be able to help even if its just drawings.

Graham told me he gave the Gardner patterns to the Museum... I have been trying to acquire one from him  :disappointed:


Alyn Foundry:
Hello Tony.

I have just spoken with Geoff at the Anson Engine museum. He said that there's a fresh batch of castings waiting to be picked up from his foundry.

I suggest you contact him by email to arrange things directly.

Cheers Graham.


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