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Just taken a gamble - bought a small boiler on ebay.

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I've just received my new toy and thought I'd share a couple of photos.  I bought this little fella on ebay, it's a gamble as it is untested but I didn't pay a lot and as a member of a club I'll be able to get it tested.

First impressions are it looks well made but is very small - it's a cute little thing if nothing else  ;)  Not sure how much it holds but at 3" dia x 3" long with 13 fire tubes it won't take much to fill it.

Once I've had a chance to test it and fire it up I'll update with the results  :whoohoo:


Cute little thing.

What are you going to do about a firebox ans smoke box?


Thanks Mike, once I've been able to test it and (hopefully) confirm it is without leaks I thought I'd fabricate a removable smoke box and chimney, with a bit of thought I think that should be straight forward. To fire it I was looking at the smallest of the Bix ceramic burners, my guess it will only need a low gas setting to boil - I've tried filling it and reckon it holds about 150ml.

Once I've had a chat with my club boiler inspector I should have a better idea what to do  :)

Nice Peter! The fittings alone are probably worth the price if nothing else.


Roger B:
It looks to have been carefully made, but I am not a boiler/steam expert.


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