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Re: new guy here.
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Kind Regards

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Re: new guy here.
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To the OP

Have you tried to actually order the plans from the site?

If you pay by PP. or card you are covered if it goes south

Will be a very interesting build if you proceed although a complex one to boot

Anyway welcome donít  worry we are a very helpful but a bit mad


it depends on what kind of mad. obsession type of mad, sure. But lunacy mad, maybe not

You mean the martin ohrndorf site? I wasn't keen on ordering the plans because I have to source for machine shops and the small things like bearings, etc will be difficult to find as the local shops always stock the usual sized bearings or common parts. Everything else has to be ordered and I might as well do it myself.

I am more keen on getting the parts because I will be heading to germany and the vat refunds is sizeable, but it's a 5200 euros and to be honest, I expect prompt replies. I'm not asking for red carpet treatment, but i've sent him emails in both english and german (thanks google translate) but there has been no reply. That's why I am trying to find people who have ordered parts from him to see to get insights from them

Sorry if I have offended you in anyway

definitely not at all