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Gasket material for cylinder covers & valve chests

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Hi guys. Soon I reach the phase for final installation of my Marcher engine. So this is the time to ask about materials.
I think I have to make some sort of gaskets between cylinder block and covers & valve chests and cylinder block to make them tight. But which material to use? Should I use some sort of paper, plastic, or tightening jelly for this?

Take a look at teflon sheet. I use it in all my engines. .020-.030 inch thick for head gaskets and .01 thick for all others. After years of running I took apart the peewee for inspection and the gaskets came right off without sticking to the surfaces. They wiped clean with a paper towel and were ready for re installation.

Hello Steve

Can you tell us more about your PTFE/ Teflon head gaskets please. I understand teflon to be quite soft, so how much does the material compress?

Do you use them on your i/c engines or only for steam? I did a search for the PeeWee but it directed me back to this thread. Have you used them for multi cylinder i/c engines?

How do you make the head gaskets, I guess with scalpel and hole punch or is there a better way? With paper gaskets you could always tap around the edge of the casting to cut thin paper/card material, does that work with teflon?

Thanks for your advice.  :happyreader: :happyreader:


Compression,  I don't know.  Never measured but I would surprised if it were more than 5%

I have used the material in the peewee and pacifier v4's and also in the demon v8. All are spark ignition, gasoline engines.

I have in the past made templates so drill bits and razor blades can be used to make gaskets. I also had some sets laser cut for the v8.

I am on the road to the mid-ohio model show so I can't post pics right now but I can post some early next week.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for getting back and answering the important questions. Hope you enjoy the mid-ohio show.

So the simpler gaskets could be hand made, but I like the idea of laser cut for the more complex multi cylinder engine.

Enjoy Mid-Ohio



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