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Hi chucketn, you asked about the inside radius of the curvature between the flanges and the flat ends.  The codes I have seen specify a minimum of one times plate thickness, but bigger is better if it does not interfere with any bushes for fittings, like a level gauge in the ends.  However, for a boiler with no provision for making up water for continuous running, a level gauge is an unnecessary complication.

Similarly a flange overlap of three thicknesses is acceptable of the flange is visible for inspection - I believe this means on the inside, so you can check for full penetration of the solder, otherwise four thicknesses.  So probably sensible to aim for four.

You can face the flanges in or out, but facing in is slightly stronger for internal pressure, at least for dished ends.  For a flat end with longitudinal stays there is probably less difference.



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