Author Topic: 1898 Automobile A.K.A. horseless carriage  (Read 16549 times)

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Re: 1898 Automobile A.K.A. horseless carriage
« Reply #345 on: April 16, 2019, 11:22:56 AM »
Hello Everyone,
I have attached a pdf drawing showing the updated Buggy’s body. This may look like a mess but it is actually two (2) different drawings, one overlaid on top of the other. The gray colored lines represents one drawing which encompasses the entire Chassis, Engine Frame, complete Drive system (less wheels and tires) and an outline of the Body. The second drawing is the revised construction design for all the individual parts that will make up the new Body itself.

Thanks to Chris @crueby for many suggestions, I have completely redesigned the actual construction and materials to build the Body and made a few appearance changes that will aide in the construction. This new design will be much stronger and a whole lot easier to build and will be also easier to apply the finish.

The reason for the overlay of the two drawings is to confirm that “everything” fits as it should. This confirms that the actual final outside and inside shape of the new Body fits on the Chassis and all structure parts / pieces ( cutouts, stays, bracing, brackets, doors, supports, etc. ) will clear as they should.

Now I need to get the Chassis work completed so that I can start to work on the “rails” and “floorboard”.

Have a great day,