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Allen Smithee:
A friend of mine has come by an ED Bee which he'd quite like to use in a suitable radio-assist vintage model. The engine seems to be in pretty good nick except that it has a broken con rod. My normal sources have drawn a blank on this (including Alan Greenfield), so I wondered if anyone here had a spare one they don't need? The engine is a mk2 Bee, so it has the Aluminium rod rather than the case-hardened steel one. As far as I know the ED Cadet rod was probably the same as well. SO if anyone has one could they possibly get in touch?

Failing that - given that he wants to use it as a runner rather than a museum piece, and a basic rod for a small, low-power diesel isn't exactly the most complex job in the world, does anyone have a drawing or even just the principle dimensions? I guess I could probably get by with the big/little-end bore sizes, the distance between centres and the thickness...



Is the broken con rod mangled beyond taking measurements from it?


Allen Smithee:

--- Quote from: b.lindsey on July 30, 2018, 04:09:41 PM ---Is the broken con rod mangled beyond taking measurements from it?


--- End quote ---

No, but half of it is missing!


Ask on Adrian's blog http://adriansmodelaeroengines.com/wordpress/ to see if someone knows the correct length and then it should be easy enough to make as it is only a simple steel rod


I had the notion to ask Ron Chernich before he died about collecting such data for future repairs .... maybe Adrian would be interested.

I do have a number of in-complete production engines where pistons an rods are missing, so beside rod length, it would be nice to have piston height and pin position (distance from crown). I have made an excel file on all my engines and do fill in as I get info - or disassemble one of the complete ones.

- But I do not have any info on the ED Bee - sorry.


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