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Re: Single Pass Bevel Gears
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Hi Jerry,
If one were to grind a tool to accomplish what you have laid out how would one determine what the profile would look like or better yet at what point (outer or inner profile of tooth) would one use?


Sorry for the delay in answering.  I was away for a few days, meeting my new grandaughter-in-law and her family.  She married my #3 grandson on a cruise ship in the Bahamas.  Wow! A great 3 day party with almost all of my family together.  Yesterday was set aside for rest and recovery.

Tooth profile?  I used the outer profile.  This method still does not produce contact across the width of the face but it comes very close and the contact line should increase with a little wear.  I also believe that the angle of the tool path which produces the root face should be less than the 40? that I stated. 38? - 36? (more acute) brings the profile of the inner and outer faces closer together and produces a more tapered tooth form.   

I am waiting for delivery of some equipment that should improve my RT setup before doing much more with bevel gears and in the meantime, I am doing some study of the geometry involved and methods.  I think I can come up with some simple layout that will improve the method.  I hesitate to offer much more until I can prove it in the shop.

I used a 12 tooth  gear in my first try but I think 16 or 18 might be better.


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