Author Topic: Alibre, Geomagic etc. last chance to update for free.  (Read 365 times)

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Alibre, Geomagic etc. last chance to update for free.
« on: June 21, 2018, 08:54:52 PM »
I received a mail yesterday regarding last change to update for free if I wanted to continue to use the program after June 26th, 2018 - or less than a week from now.
So I answered the mail with my info and got a reply with a new licence code for the Alibre 2017 revision + a link to download the new last years version and a friendly advise to un-install the previous version before installing the new - this all vent well.
Upon starting the new version (to me anyway) I was asked for the activation code - that I copy pasted from the email - and it was accepted  :cartwheel:
I was then told that there was a never version that has cured some serious bug in the version I just installed - would I like to update now => yes please .... wait a wile .... and start the program again after updating to the 2018 version =>

Your licence isn't active for this version
....  :hammerbash:  :killcomputer: ..... why the Blo.. H..L did then suggest the update ..... well it makes sense for those most pro users that can afford the price, I suppose ....

OK - un-install all again and start all over .... but this time I told the program not to look for updates again and everything works nicely so far with more features and a slightly different user interface  :cheers:

My point is for all here that has one of the previous versions - and that might include Cubify (sp?) and some other versions too - mail Alibre if you are in the US or your local distributer and ask if you are one of those that can get the 2017 version for free before the 26th = FIVE days from now.

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Re: Alibre, Geomagic etc. last chance to update for free.
« Reply #1 on: June 21, 2018, 09:17:05 PM »

Thank you for telling us about the hidden 'gotcha' regarding the 2018 version.

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