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OK .. with a title like that, I need to get right to the issue:

Does anyone have a good strategy for tightening or loosening steam nipples or pipes on model steam plants?  I don't and therefore am either trashing the threads on nipples or using a small channel-lock on pipping -- but the result is the same -- I'm creating scratches, divots that I then have to sand/buff out or tool out with threads.  There must be a better way... is there?



Are you soldering the nipple to the pipe? They do not need to be compressed onto the pipe like an olive in a domestic compression fitting.

Once soldered you should not need much force to tighten the nut as the tapered end forms the seal

I think you need to explain more about what you are trying to do Nat.

It sounds like you might be trying to use a huge (adjustable) spanner to tighten up a little fixing... The correct size full hex spanner should not damage the nuts or allow you to strip threads.


Too true .... had to search 'channel-lock'. I suspected from waaaaay back they had serrated jaws. ie.

What 'we' know as 'slip-joint' or 'pump gland pliers'   :ThumbsUp:

I expect they would chew hexagons and tube.  :'(


Ok. Uploaded some pictures: on the steel nipples picture -- the steel nipples screw into the fittings -- and with a little locktite are pretty set. However, if they leak or I want to use them elsewhere -- any idea of how to get them out without trashing the threads?  Same thing with the brass pipes -- when they leak, I need to tighten them up... Any good strategies on tightening pipes without using tools with serrated jaws?  As you can see in the refill pipe jpg, I sacrificed that to get it good and tight into my boiler.  Also, on the coupling ... its pretty trashed too where I was tightening it up.

-- Nat


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