Author Topic: There is never an ideal lathe tool grinder!  (Read 822 times)

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There is never an ideal lathe tool grinder!
« on: May 08, 2018, 02:55:52 PM »
I have a space problem, so decided that I would have to make my own tool grinder. A compound table was part of the deal when I ordered my lathe but I had never used it. The lathe was single phase, so I converted it to three phase using a VFD. The VFD was a bargain and I got a further discount for buying two. The hunt was then on for a small, 0.25Kw, totally enclosed, 2,700 rpm motor. Luckily a local supplier had one at a good price.

The motor support was made from a short piece of RHS (square tube 0.125 wall) with end plates welded in. The compound was held to this tube with 4 M8 screws. Not wishing to have the lead screw on the long axis, I made up a lever attachment, which makes the grinder  easier to use. To keep the dust off the cross slide I made up two bellows from acetate sheet. Not an easy thing to do, had to get some tips from Utube! However, they spray painted up OK.

I am happy with the end result. The VFD means I can run the motor at the correct speed for both the grinding wheel and the diamond cup wheel.

There will be another post on my take on handy HSS tools made using the grinder.

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