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Atkinson Differential
« on: April 20, 2018, 01:58:11 PM »
Has anyone built the Atkinson Differential engine from the Gingery plans? I am in the process of building this engine and I have run into some interference issues? Specifically if the hole for the pivot pin in the oscillating arm where the connecting rod is attached is drilled where the drawing shows it the pistons hit inside the cylinder. I ended up remaking the connecting rod 1/8" shorter to compensate. The oscillating arm is about 1/16" too long and hits the bottom of the cylinder bore. The intake valve stem hits the oscillating arm, a lot. In looking at the Gingery video and enlarging it and stepping through it looks like he also had the valve stem interference problem and removed a portion of the arm to provide clearance.

I have tried to review my build and cannot find any place where I did something wrong. I find it strange that many others have made this engine and there is no mention of these problems. Either I really goofed up or there are errors in the drawings.

Thanks: Gordon