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« on: April 09, 2018, 03:25:35 AM »
As I am now working on the launch's deck I have considerable sanding work to get it looking good. I make the laminated sections close to what I need then glue them in place.

I have a Dremel type tool but am unable to find the right sort of sanding bit for it. There are cylindrical sanders but I am after a small disc type. So I do what we all do when something we need is not available we make our own.

The spindle is a 1/8" drill (with most of the flutes cut off) glued into a 25mm aluminum disc. The sand paper (actually fabric backed) is cut out of an old belt sander and made around 12mm larger in diameter than the aluminum to give a bit of flex (not a hard edge) The sand paper is also glued. (lots of glue in this project ;D)

The tool works really well and is saving me much time and effort. I still need to finish off with hand sanding.
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