Author Topic: Valve grinding and lapping  (Read 6472 times)

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Re: Valve grinding and lapping
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Hello Dave,

You quickly run out of space with these small valve cages. It may be possible to machine a hex or two flats on the valve guide stem. I just used an expanding tool inside the bore.

My valve cages were not a tight fit in the cylinder heads. I used high temperature epoxy (JB Weld) to 'grout' the cages into the heads.

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Re: Valve grinding and lapping
« Reply #31 on: February 27, 2020, 06:50:29 AM »
This post was recently referenced as a reading resource for valve making. In post#22 I recognize a home brew table I included at that time on the discussion of bronze properties. Subsequently I recognized errors with regards to hardness. Different bronze suppliers reference different hardness scales based on the particular alloy & I didn't catch that until I checked because some things weren't making sense. I've subsequently converted everything to RB (Rockwell B) so its more comparative. If anyone spots a glaring errors let me know. Bronze hardness data seems to be kind of spotty. I kept the references but won't plug up the post as it varies a bit. Generally was the most comprehensive.