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I have been searching for a suitable horizontal mill engine for my next diorama. I think I have found it, but am awaiting shipping information.

The diorama will represent the first floor of a mulit-storied textile mill with a little single storey woodworking shop attached at the back.

Three casting sets will be involved; the horizontal engine, a line shaft driven power saw and an old fashioned foot operated treadle lathe. So it will fit nicely into the kits/Castings catagory. The diorama, however,  will be designed and built from scratch.

Research has shown me that long ago, textile mills were very tall - up to seven stories high. Brick and timber were  the main construction materials. A good sized boiler was required to drive all the carding and weaving machinery. The vibration created by machinery became a structural problem, and later in the United States, the mills were lower, perhaps only three storeys high but spread out over a much larger area. Concrete and steel became the building materials of choice.

This diorama is a mixture of this transition. Many will find flaws in the historical accuracy of some of its parts, but the goal is to give the flavour of the use of steam at its zenith to power these mills.

So, we are off and running with a new project.  :)


Wonderful John. This already sounds like another great journey into the world of your excellent dioramas!!!  Looking forward to it eagerly   :whoohoo:


Sounds fantastic.  Will there be a model loom, presumably serviced by tiny 1/12 scale children?

I'm guessing the line-shaft driven saw and treadle lathe will be the PMR models?  I've built both and enjoyed making them.

Looking forward to this one :)               When we first moved to Lancashire my wife trained as a weaver.....the mills have all gone now :'(


I hope your shipping costs aren't too high, it will be good to see a build of that seldom seen model.

Have you given up on the boiler as you did not mention that?


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