Author Topic: Two Cylinder Engine  (Read 28537 times)

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Re: Two Cylinder Engine
« Reply #255 on: December 29, 2019, 04:11:00 AM »
Your twin runs good, I couldn't read what the meter's read to determine what sort of load you had. When I last went to the "local" model engine club he had a pony break set up so that anyone who wanted could set up their engine & check how much power it made. My Val engine put out 1/3 horsepower at 6100 rpm. Then it promptly stalled multiple times.
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Re: Two Cylinder Engine
« Reply #256 on: February 19, 2020, 08:07:03 PM »
Thank you Art  :)  I got to about 80W (9V at 9A) but the carb is not optimum. Depending on the efficiency of the generator that puts the actual output at a bit under 1/4 hp.

Finally back to some engine making. I put together an electrical system in the same style I used for the other petrol engines and then made a clamp for the silencer from a 5mm x 0.5mm strip of phosphor bronze. I put some cooking alcohol in the tank and started it briefly to make sure the wiring was correct (I have used a 7806 regulator to reduce the voltage for the 6V ignition coil and have had problems before).

I now need to look at a new carb design to improve the response to loading if the engine is going to power a tractor  :headscratch:
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