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Roger B:
I'm not quite sure if this is the correct section for this but here we go.
I have been contemplating both a drill sharpener and a power hacksaw/bandsaw for some time and have asked a few questions on here.

I found a good offer on the Proxxon drill grinder and decided to get one. I had read mixed reviews some thought it was excellent others couldn't get it to work  :headscratch:
As a first trial the 9.8mm drill I use as a pilot for 10mm reamers had some chips on the cutting edges so I read the instructions, had a couple of dry runs to understand how it all worked and then reground the drill. The key seems to be ensuring that the cutting edges are correctly aligned with the holder.
I made a trial hole in a piece of aluminium  rod. It was center drilled then pilot drilled 3mm. The reground drill cut well with even swarf from both flutes. The resultant hole was ~9.9mm and the 10 H7 reamer had some material to remove. Looks good so far  :)

I had looked at the ETW hacksaw from Hemingway as well as at a number of the imported bandsaws. Due to space limitations whatever I bought would have to be used on the floor so an automatic feed was important. The Hemingway kit was interesting but a little small and would use up workshop time. In the end I went for a Femi ABS105 that was on special offer from a local supplier.
It arrived and proved ok to fit under the bench now I have moved the welder out to the garage. I made a trial cut in a length of 30mm dia ST50 (moderate carbon steel, possibly the crankshaft for the new engine). It was quiet, quick and apparently square. After I filed the nib off it was flat on the surface plate and true according to a square. Again looks good so far  :)

Roger B:
And due to the 8 picture limit,

How does the auto feed on the bandsaw work? Is it just a spring to keep tension on the cut? Also, did you need to apply oil during the cut? Looks nice!

You should enjoy the Femi, I've had a 782XL for just over a year and am very happy with it, not got the auto feed though.

What is meant by 'auto feed' on the bandsaw?


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