Author Topic: Meek bigbore dog clutch revisited  (Read 1097 times)

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Meek bigbore dog clutch revisited
« on: November 07, 2017, 06:30:06 PM »
As MEW is running an article on Graham's excellent threading clutch I thought of an addition to this old thread,6010.0.html and instead of lifting it again, I did a new post..

I just had my clutch apart and measured up the gearcase on mine, I modified Gray's design a bit to make it possible to disengage it from the spindle. An idea I shamelessly stole from Ken (kwil80).

20171107_191547 by Bjorn Bursell, on Flickr

Anyway, here is a pdf with the necessary modifications and additions to make this happen on a bigbore (at least on mine). It uses the myford plunger, spring and plunger handle.

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Re: Meek bigbore dog clutch revisited
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2017, 10:27:43 PM »
    Thank you, Bjorn - As you know, I'm just about to embark on this project myself and, again, for a very early big-bore.    Your particular experience, reflected in your outstanding original photo-journal will be invaluable. 

    In passing, I'd also like to publically acknowledge the off-board help and encouragement I've already received from Bjorn, Stuart and Gray Meek.  The generous sharing of such a high level of technical expertise is seen here on a daily basis and is a very enviable characteristic which is hard to find elsewhere - thank you all!

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Re: Meek bigbore dog clutch revisited
« Reply #2 on: November 14, 2017, 11:16:14 AM »
Bjorn and Chris,

Thanks for your kind comments.

Also thank you for starting a new post about the Connoisseur, or Bog Bore Screwcutting clutch as this gives me an opportunity to make available the drawings for this conversion. I was under the impression that these were already in the public domain until Chris contacted me recently. This attachment associated with Ken and Bjorn's modification gives the best of both worlds.

Recently I was contacted by someone in Australia about the Wabeco D4000 lathe. There are a number of similarities between this lathe and the D6000, (for which there is already a design), which seems to suggest that this unit will fit the D4000. I am currently waiting for feedback on this unit.

The only outstanding clutch for which the drawings are not available is the Emco Compact 8, I am also still waiting for feed back on this unit before I make these drawings available.

My best regards

PS I would dearly love to see the South Bend design in the flesh.