Author Topic: Lathe turning tool holders from China  (Read 437 times)

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Lathe turning tool holders from China
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:13:07 AM »

I needed some tooling to support my newly updated Compact 5 CNC lathe (uses 10mm or 3/8" turning tools). 
I have bought recently several turning tool holders from in China and I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the items received.
80 degree insert tool holders for left, right, straight and boring bar;  threading insert holder, parting insert holder (1.5mm width) and lots of inserts.

The cost of these items has been remarkably low ($10-$15 individually priced and cheaper per piece as a set), with the small inserts being ~$1 to $2 each.
Fit and finish are good, and the tools hold the inserts tightly without slop, so the inserts can be replaced repeatably without worry of the offset changing.

I have already modified the threading holder to fit the lathe - I don't think I would have done that to a $60 + tool holder.
Also, I must say my shopping experience with has been good.  They have replaced items I did not receive and refunded me when some small 6mm milling cutters showed up as 4 flute when I had ordered and expected 3 flutes (I got to keep the 4 flute cutters - 5 @ $2 each).
The only negative I have had is strictly a thing for Canadians to be aware of.  The cheap shipping means it arrives in Canada and is sent to a warehouse to be processed by Canada customs.  That takes forever and a day - I waited 4 months for 1 item to show up and that is considered "normal"!  However, paying for premium shipping does ensure it shows up in reasonable amount of time (~ 1 week) - best done by bundling a few items together so that shipping isn't more than the cost of the items.  Don't bother paying for "tracking" on the slow/free shipping method to Canada - it only works until it leaves China... :facepalm:

Other than that I only have positive things to say about the products themselves.