Author Topic: Straightening copper tube  (Read 2871 times)

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Re: Straightening copper tube
« Reply #15 on: November 02, 2017, 05:42:51 AM »
So !!!,
I used a combination of suggestions from fellow modelers in that I started by rolling the tube between two planks of wood to get it close to straight. Then knocked up a set of rollers and passed the tube through. It has come out fairly straight but not perfect. However as I will be lagging most of the tube it should not be noticeable.

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Re: Straightening copper tube
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Its always the question of how far do you want to go (or have  to!).... many years ago I was trying to straighten some tube and kept trying different things until I came up with the following.  All wheels are driven (using the hand from my mills table) with chains.  I find being able to go back and forth is really effective - keep running the tubing through and rotate it slightly for each pass.  Also, you can vary the downward pressure which is important to getting it pretty close to perfect.

Robert's may be the better solution given expediency, but it was a fun little project that worked well.