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Minnie Traction Engine
« on: February 06, 2017, 09:00:20 AM »
I've just completed finishing off a 1" scale traction engine its the well known Minnie by L.C.Mason , this particular engine has quite a long history, from the stamp on the Boiler it was made in the 1970 and the name on the valve chest is A.J.Stonard who for what ever only completed about 80% of it, about 10 years ago it was obtained by a Chap in Southhampton, I get into the story shortly after this:- when I was first setting up my workshop I started raising funds by making odds and ends and seling them on ebay one of the items I was making was the Minnie lubricator, this Chap bought one then over the years asked me to make other parts, eventually he said I have all the parts to complete the engine would I like to do the work, so over this last couple of months I've completed it.

Everything is done except for the steering chain the one I have doesn't have welded links and it keeps breaking, so I'm waiting on delivery of a better chain.

He're are some photos of the completed engine


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